Parabens Effect: Safe or Dangerous?

Most beauty products contain parabens as preservatives. Microorganisms usually damage or shorten the lives of beauty products, this acts as a protecting agent when combined with other preservatives. Beauty, cosmetics, and other skin care products that may contain parabens include makeup, moisturizers, hair products and skin products like shaving creams and lotions. It absorbed through the skin and from the gastrointestinal tract.

 Harmful Effects

So why do people tend to stay away from products with parabens nowadays? A biopsy sample of breast tumors was found out to have a measurable concentration of six different types of parabens. Another finding showed that parabens were present in almost all the urine samples from a particular set of US adults who were tested. Cosmetic products usually have a relatively high concentration of this element.

Research has shown that parabens are estrogen mimickers, with the potency of the response being related to the chemical structure. It has the ability to bind to the cellular estrogen receptor. Parabens in beauty and health products can result in breast cancer and reproductive health issues.

Parabens Considerations

However, some experts point out that there isn’t actually enough scientific evidence to link parabens with any form of cancer. As for the US Food and Drug Administration, these are considered safe as long as their levels are maintained at a low amount. These chemicals can have a cumulative effect and pose a health threat in a higher dose concentration.

But the choice is still up to you. You have all the reason to be mindful of which chemicals you would let into your body. There are tons of beauty and skin care products in the market today that do not use paraben. Also, take note that labels that list the preservatives as one of the last four ingredients mean that the chemicals are present in very tiny amounts.

The safest way is to go for an oil-based organic product that does not contain water. This is because water usually calls for a preservative. Choose a product that comes in a dark container with a pump — because this means that light and air won’t degrade its quality faster.

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