Exfoliation: Everything You Need to Know

Like a lot of people out there, you also probably have a daily skin care routine that you follow: cleanse, tone, moisturize, repeat. This basic routine may work just fine, but you’re clearly missing one important step — exfoliating. If you think exfoliation is not that significant, think again.

Why exfoliate?

Your body produces new skin cells constantly. With that combined with other external factors in the environment, and your use of skin products and makeup, can build up on your skin and eventually damage it. If you don’t exfoliate, your pores can accumulate dirt, oil, and debris and as an ugly result, breakouts emerge on yours. Exfoliating helps remove dead skin cells, dirt and oil, making your pores look smaller, and unleashes a nice glow to your skin.

 How often should I exfoliate?

Not necessarily every day, Skin needed a regular cleansing and buffing. However, Too much exfoliation can cause skin roughness, dryness, and patchy skin feeling

Exfoliate according to skin type

For oily skin: Cleanse with warm water to remove excess oil and dirt. Use a mild exfoliation and gently rub on your skin to reveal a youthful glow.

For sensitive skin: People with sensitive skin should generally avoid the use of harsh scrubs and peels because it can lead to irritation. Instead, use a gentle exfoliating cleanser twice a week in order to gently slough off dead skin cells. Or use a mild soap and a clean washcloth to exfoliate.

For dry skin: People with dry skin get an abnormal buildup of skin cells, and this prevents the moisture from being retained in the skin. When you have dry skin, and you exfoliate, your dead skin cells shed at a more normal rate. As a result, new skin cells are generated and in no time your skin becomes more hydrated, soft and supple.

For normal and combination skin: People with normal and combination skin mostly have a T-zone that is oily, while their cheeks are dry and rough. Their pores are usually large, especially on the nose area. People with combination skin also experience breakouts sometimes, so exfoliation is very important to prevent dirt, debris, and oil from clogging large pores. Peels and scrub screams target these problem areas.

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