10 Bad Skin Habits to Break Right Now

1. Skipping sunscreen.

The best way to prevent premature skin aging is by using sunscreen. Broad-spectrum formulations (formulas that work against UVA and UVB rays) offer the longest-lasting protection for your skin. Apply a whole tablespoon of sunscreen to your face daily. If you’re going to stay outside for an extended amount of time, make sure to reapply every two hours.

2. Smoking.

Seriously, you need to quit ASAP. Not only will smoking damage your health, but it will also make you look old, unhealthy, and ugly as you will develop more deep-seated wrinkles and your skin tone will become uneven.

3. Drinking excessively.

Having too many drinks in a day can make your skin suffer in the long run. Alcohol increases the level of inflammatory agents in your bloodstream. As a result, your skin can sag a lot faster over time.

4. Using the wrong products.

Remember: Choose your skin products according to your skin type. Do a skin type check – see if you have oily, sensitive, dry, or combination skin.

5. Focusing on just your face.

Bear in mind that skin care does not stop at your jawline. Your neck and chest areas are also just as exposed as your face. So always remember to hydrate and apply sunscreen to your décolletage as well.

6. Using uncleaned makeup brushes.

You should wash your brushes regularly. Using dirty brushes will leave you with a not-so-pleasant color payoff, as well as susceptibility to clogged pores, infections, and other skin problems.

7. Lack of sleep.

Sleep deprivation causes stress. And when you’re stressed, all skin conditions that you have could get worse. For example, if you have acne, eczema, and psoriasis, it can get worse. Sleep is very important because it is the time when your body repairs the damage from the day, and when this process is interrupted, your body slows down and your circulation becomes more ineffective.

8. Poor nighttime routine.

Letting your skin soak in makeup, as well as a day’s worth of grime, product buildup, and pollutants can lead to clogged pores, which may eventually lead to acne.

9. Junk food.

Processed food and those types of food with high-glycemic index can cause your blood glucose to rise, which triggers a surge of insulin. As a result, oil-producing hormones can leave you with pimples.

10. Not exercising.

Exercise increases blood flow to the skin, which causes a healthy-looking flush. Over time, your circulation improves, and your skin begins to glow.

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