Secrets to Clear Skin

Sometimes, breakouts are not only limited to the face. The struggle to achieve clear and smooth skin can mean dealing with stubborn clogged pores on the neck, chest, and back. If you’re confused on how to get the clear and flawless skin you want, the following tips can help you:

Tip #1: Make it happen to wash your face day and night. Some of us tend to be very tempted to just rinse with water upon waking up in the morning, but the truth is it’s just not enough to keep your face clean. At night when we sleep, our skin sheds millions of dead skin cells (read: over 30000 in a minute) and these dead skin cells mix with oil, bacteria and the treatments you put at night. These can’t be broken up by simply rinsing with water in the morning. When you’re sure that your face is clean, it allows other products you use during the day to work better — and it also reduces your risk of developing new blemishes.

Tip #2: Use a mild facial wash — people with oily to combination skin should try a light foaming formula while those with normal to dry skin should consider a more emollient cleanser.

Tip #3: Stop using cream-based makeup — compact or stick. Foundations, concealers, blushes, or bronzers that are in stick form often rely on increased amounts of waxes to retain their shape. Wax-based formulas tend to clog pores, especially for those with acne-prone, oily skin and enlarged pores. Try changing up your makeup and opt for powders or gels instead.

Tip #4: Stay away from alcohol-based products. Alcohol breaks down and penetrates through the skin barrier, which means that it is very harsh to even the most acne-prone skin types. The more exposure of your skin to alcohol, the weaker it becomes. It increases inflammation and triggers more oil production and breakouts.

Tip #5: Wear sunscreen. Sun damage also promotes inflammation, which leads to breakouts. Try a gel or liquid-based sunscreen because they protect your skin against the sun without the sticky and pore-clogging formulas.

Tip #6: Exfoliate regularly. Dead skin cells need to be removed from your face and body because they clog pores. Try using an effective face and body scrub and exfoliate twice a week for best results.

Tip #7: Use a lightweight moisturizer. Stay away from heavy and comedogenic creams. Instead, use a humectant that moisturizes your skin and seals the moisture, keeping it from getting dry at the same time.

By following the tips above and avoiding certain habits that make breakouts worse (like skin picking), you’ll be on your way to flawless and smooth skin in no time.