Most of us know that no two people have the exact same skin type — and because of this, the skin care industry has been trying to discover the most effective methods to solve a lot of skin problems that people have. One of the most problem that many of us have is oily skin.

It is important for you to first understand the mechanism behind oily skin. It can affect anyone — and it doesn’t matter how old you are, or where you’re located, or whether you’re male or female. External factors can aggravate oily skin and these include weather, humidity, hygiene, stress, hormones, lifestyle and diet.

Here are some tips on how to get rid of oily skin:
1. Correctly identify your skin type. Use a blotting film or paper and keep track of the number of times you blot your face in a day. This is the simplest way to identify if you truly have oily skin. A shiny T-zone, enlarged pores and frequent breakouts are also telltale signs of oily skin.
2. Identify your triggers. Sometimes, diet can affect how your skin will look life. Stay away from excess sugar, fat and salt in your diet. It may have a significant role in your skin’s condition as poor diet can contribute to acne.
3. Drink more fluids. Your skin produces excess sebum as a defense mechanism to dehydrated skin. Try drinking 2 liters of water to help cleanse your system and clear out your complexion. With continued practice, you will realize that your skin has improved through increased hydration.
4. Use a mild cleanser. Sometimes, harsh ingredients on your cleanser can cause your skin to produce more oil and eventually breakout. Choose a face wash that’s packed with natural ingredients that will cleanse and nourish your face at the same time.
5. Use warm water in washing your face. Too hot will make your skin too dry, while too cold will not remove oil and dirt effectively.
6. Do not miss out on natural toners, sunscreen and weekly masks. A complete skin routine leads to a more healthy and radiant-looking skin.