Hemp Seed Oil: Uses and Benefits

Hemp seed oil is an oil derived from the hemp plant. All plants from the Cannabis genus are able to produce this oil, however, only the industrial hemp is usually used because of its minimal psychoactive abilities and THC. It should be noted that hemp seed oil is typically almost free of THC and has no psychoactive effects at all. There are many uses for hemp seed oil, and it comes in a variety of packaging formats.

 Hemp seed oil has a variety of skin and hair benefits:

Treats dry skin: Hemp seed oil is made up of essential fatty acids namely gamma-linolenic acid, omega 6 and omega 3, which are essential elements for healthy cell production and good skin health. Because of this, hemp seed oil proves to be an excellent remedy for chronic dry skin conditions such as dermatitis or eczema.

A natural anti-inflammatory: Hemp seed oil has natural anti-inflammatory properties which may play a role in managing chronic inflammatory diseases such as arthritis, lupus, and psoriasis.

Does not clog pores: Many individuals swear by the powers of hemp seed oil when it comes to treating acne. Because this oil does not clog pores, it can be used as a double-purpose moisturizer — its healing and antibacterial properties will take care of your acne while making your skin smooth and supple at the same time.

Anti-aging: Because of its high nutritional value, hemp seed oil can also be used for anti-aging. You may choose to apply hemp seed oil directly to your skin as a moisturizer, or you can take it orally as a supplement.

Strengthens hair structure: Hemp seed oil is perfect for people with dry, weak and damaged hair. Hemp seed oil’s significant gamma-linolenic acid content helps improve your hair’s condition and contributes to the formation of keratin for stronger and healthier hair strands. Gamma-linolenic acid is also an excellent source of ceramides, which are responsible for retaining protein and water in the structure of your hair.

Conditions and nourishes hair: Hemp seed oil is rich in vitamin E. It is a natural moisturizer which boosts the condition of your scalp while preventing irritation and dryness at the same time. Hemp seed oil is great when used during the colder months because it combats the cold and damaging outdoor air.

Stimulates hair growth: Hemp seed oil also helps to enhance your scalp condition, and, as a result, hair grows faster. Because hemp seed oil is rich in essential fatty acids, it facilitates better hair growth. Hemp seed oil also improves the blood circulation to your scalp and makes sure that your hair follicles are deeply nourished to support hair growth.

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