Check out these foolproof anti-aging tips!

It is a sad reality that some of the best skincare products come from laboratories and people from the medical field. But it doesn’t men that you have to use tons of chemicals and synthetic ingredients to combat aging at an earlier age. Take note that there are all-natural alternatives that can give you younger, healthier and smoother skin.

For wrinkles, you can never go wrong with retinol. It is a derivative of vitamin A and is naturally-occurring in our skin. If you want to use retinol while maintaining an all-natural skin routine, look for a retinol product from companies that use organic and natural ingredients.

Another way to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles is by using natural oils such as sunflower, pomegranate, camelia, or olive oil. These oils have rich antioxidant properties, and not only do they protect your skin against potential damage, but they are also excellent in promoting collagen production.

If you have dull skin, you definitely need to exfoliate. Start by using products that are natural and are readily-available in your kitchen, such as sugar. It is actually one of the best exfoliating ingredients for sensitive skin. Using a sugar-based scrub dissolves as it exfoliates, so you can’t have too much of it. Use this once a week to gently remove dead skin cells, the ones that lead to dullness.

You can also make use of other natural exfoliants such as walnut shells, oatmeal and apricots. Lemons can also do the job as a natural bleaching and exfoliating agent.

Dark spots are also part of the problem when it comes to aging. Look for products with botanical ingredients such as soy, viniferine, daisy extract, licorice, and peony extract as they can lighten dark spots and blocking melanin production. They are also rich in antioxidants, which means that they can fight off free radicals that can lead to more dullness in the skin.

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