Head to Toe Grooming Tips for the Man in your Life

• Being 100% confident in how they look and feel when interacting with others and, of course, you!

• Make sure they Get their hair professionally cut every 2-4 weeks if you notice that your neck hair is starting to show, so will others. You can make this easy for them by booking them a standing appointment at their favorite barber.

• Best Men’s Haircuts For Different Face Shapes, your suggestions really count, don’t be afraid to say it.

If they have an oval face shape: keep the sides and back on the shorter side, and little to no bangs… since they may want to increase the attention that their semi-angular jaw deserves. This face shape is pretty ideal, they can get away with nearly any hairstyle.

If he has a more rectangular face: avoid having super short trims on the side of your head, as this will elongate their face further. This face shape should also avoid long beards. Keep it tight, short, and groomed.

If he has a square shaped face: they have a fairly versatile face and can get away with longer or shorter cuts. Avoid a square beard, keep it short and groomed.

If he has a round face shape: since they don’t have as many natural angles to your face, the cut will need to create the illusion of cheekbones/jawline through whatever you wear. Facial hair/beards can help, as can tighter fades.

And finally, if they have a heart-shaped face: beards and facial hair help to fill out the bottom half of your face, and mid-length/longer hairstyles will help to balance the larger forehead area.

Skin Health

Men pay little or no attention to their skin, as a rule, you can and should help, and keep the recommended products easily available in the shower and bathroom, they tend to grab what is available, so it’s up to you to take care of the love of your life girls! You girls know all about this, but it’s up to you to take care of your beautiful man!

Have them do the following:

Splash your face with warm water (or, even better, open up your pores by having a hot shower) and wash off the accumulated dirt with a gentle, pH balanced cleanser like DermaChange wash. After gently rubbing the face wash on, and rinsing it with warm water, douse your face in cold water (to help shrink your pores back up and prevent dirt from getting in them) and pat your face dry with a clean towel.

If you feel like giving your skin some extra care, use a high-quality moisturizer like DermaChange moisturizer, that is pH balanced.  If you use some “drugstore” cheap lotion or cream, you are better off letting your skin do its own thing. To prevent dead skin from piling up on your face, make sure to exfoliate your skin 1-2 times per week by gently rubbing it with DermaChange scrub.

Eyebrow Maintenance

Well kept eyebrows can make for the subtle difference between knuckle-dragging Neanderthal and suave, handsome gentlemen.

Every 1-2 weeks, take a set of tweezers to the unruly hairs between your eyebrows, the unibrow is out, two eyebrows are in!   Pluck off any strays that are adventuring off towards your forehead. Ditto for any eyebrow hairs that are at the same level to, or below, the sides of your eyes.

If your guy can’t manage, take a few minutes to do this for them.

Finally, you will need to trim any extra long eyebrow hairs. Comb up your eyebrows, and trim any long hairs with scissors.

Stray hairs protruding from his ears and nose should be removed immediately. Same goes for any hairs that are living on the surface of your nose. Whatever you do, get rid of them, you can get a trimmer… but just do it, nothing is more of a turn-off than hair growing out of your nose or ears. Remind them when you notice this.  Or suggest that you will do it!  I have found the later the most effective.


Facial Hair, Beards, And Shaving 

Facial hair, like many male grooming tips, are subject to your personal preferences, and the culture and environment around you. You need to tell him if you like it or not!  He will listen! Again, ensure that the recommended products are readily available to him.

Shaving, he knows how to do this, one would hope, but if not, here is some tips for him:

Step 1: Get your facial hair warm and wet, by splashing warm water on yourself, using a hot towel, or showering.

Step 2: Cover your fuzzy areas in high quality, pH balanced shave cream, like Polished Gentlemen Shaving cream, it is rich and moisturizing, and cleansing.

Step 3: Take your razor and go with the grain. If you go against the grain, do that after you’ve gone with the grain first. If you have sensitive skin, a straight razor works best. If your skin isn’t too sensitive and your facial hair is fairly easy to cut, a basic multi-blade razor should work just fine.

Step 4: Rinse off with cool water, pat dry, and use a quality moisturizer like pH balanced DermaChange cream to soothe and hydrate your skin.

If you are the proud owner of a beard and you have more coarse beard hair, then you’ll want to keep it soft with a high-quality beard oil from Polished Gentlemen. I love beard oils that smell like nature, and so will he.

Taking Care Of His Lips

One to two times per week, have him gently rub an exfoliating pad or exfoliating glove along your lips (while in the shower is usually the easiest since they’ll already be wet).

Doing this will get rid of all of the residual dead skin-gunk that can accumulate over time (especially true in the colder months), and make his lips that much more kissable and fresh looking.

If he wants to wear chapstick or some kind of lip balm throughout the day, go for it. But in many cultures, men having obviously shiny lips can be considered less than attractive… so go with whatever feels natural. You can always wear your lip balm when you go to bed at night if he doesn’t want to be seen as a shiny lip guy in the daylight.

Oral Hygiene

Bad breath stinks and is one of the more universally unattractive things that turn people off.

While hygiene, in general, is important, I would say that oral hygiene is doubly so.

Considering how much work you put it through, your mouth doesn’t ask for much from you. Would it kill him to give it 5-10 minutes a day of focused attention on your mouth and teeth?? No! No, it wouldn’t.

After you’ve exfoliated your lips, try on the following as a regular oral hygiene routine. Since he is not Freddie Mercury, get him to get those teeth fixed up and beautiful, women notice teeth, ask your other female friends, they will tell you the truth about him. Get his smile to be his best feature, then get him to keep it that way buy the following:

–– Floss daily

– Use a natural toothpaste

– don’t forget to brush your tongue!

– Occasionally use teeth whitening strips if you’re looking to boost your teeth-whiteness (if you have sensitive teeth, then avoid whitening strips, and just drink less coffee and red wine)

– Go to the dentist for a professional level deep clean every 6-12 months


Three rules for deodorant use:

  1. Wear it
  2. Wear it every day
  3. Have him use a natural deodorant that actually works and will have him smelling fresh for at least 24 hours

If you don’t care about jamming parabens and aluminum into his pores and messing with your hormones, feel free to use other basic, drugstore brands. I’d say it’s best not to terrorize his body with these and choose something natural or organic.

Body Exfoliation 

Just like your scalp, face, and feet need to be exfoliated, your body skin needs attention too, so does his after all.

One to two times per week, while he is in the shower, have him rub down his entire body with Dermachange scrub, to scrub off all of the dead skin that would otherwise eventually turn into a funky smell or bacne.

Key areas to focus on: arms, shoulders, back, and chest, and genitals.

Body Wash

Again, just like a low-quality deodorant can clog up your pores and negatively impact your hormonal health, you’ll want to make sure that you’re using a high quality, natural pH balanced wash like DermaChange wash to clean yourself.

Body Hair And Overall Body Grooming

Similar to pubic hair grooming, there is a lot of wiggle room in terms of what you can do here. Consult your partner, their preference is very important, but so are yours, don’t be afraid to tel him about any issue you may have about his grooming.

Common best practices for body hair grooming include: getting his back and/or chest waxed, trimming chest hairs down with an electric razor, and (for some men) getting your arms waxed, or even genitals.


A lot of men ignore their feet to their partner’s dismay.

If you ever sleep in a bed with another person, and you don’t tend to your feet at all, it has likely been noticed. Couples that pay attention to this with each other, are being responsible to the others well being including their own.

Make sure his feet aren’t covered in blood-drawing spikes by regularly trimming down his nails with a basic nail clipper, and edging down any hard, calloused skin with a foot-specific pumice stone or emory board. If he does this himself, you have a real gem!

Also, if he tends to get dry and/or cracked heels in the colder months, then here’s what I’ve found works best to overcome this problem.

1) Make sure you’re drinking more than enough water (because dry heels are often tied to dehydration).

2) Use DermaChange cream. It is ridiculously effective. I’d tried dozens of moisturizers that often made things worse, but this is the only product that not only made my heels feel softer to the touch but also completely healed them in two days of use. It’s seriously a miracle cream for anyone who is prone to dry heels.

And hey, if he isn’t super ticklish, you might even want to try getting him a pedicure every now and then.


Keep them short and trimmed. Buff them until they’re shiny if you want.

Do it yourself using nail clippers, cuticle trimmers, and a multi-gradient buffer block.

Get him a manicure if he will sit down for it!  If he bites his nails and you want him to stop, you can pick up a nail topper that tastes awful and forces him to stop pretty quickly.