All About Co-Washing

Co-washing has been a trend in hair care right now, but is it just a fad? When you’re completely alien to the term, you would normally think that it sounds like you’re going to be washing your hair with someone, but its actual meaning is completely different. If you want to learn more about co-washing and its benefits, read further.

What is co-washing?
“Co-washing is the shortened term for “conditioner washing.” It is the process of cleansing your hair with conditioner instead of the usual shampooing routine that we have. Co-washing was originally intended to be used by people with naturally textured or curly hair. Over time, the method has expanded to include a lot more hair types because of its milder approach. Shampoos normally use surfactants to create the squeaky-clean lather. While conditioners also contain surfactants, they only contain a significantly lower amount of surfactants — and they are much milder than shampoos.

Benefits of co-washing
Co-washing’s main purpose is to preserve your hair’s natural oils while still gently cleansing. As a result, your hair is being rehydrated more effectively. Co-washing is also best for all hair types, like in color-treated hair because it allows less color stripping for your dyed tresses. The goal is to make your hair healthier because you eliminate the stripping process that shampoo usually causes.

The process
To start, you should shampoo your hair every once in a while. Abruptly stopping the use of your shampoo can benefit those with extremely dry hair, but normal-haired people and those with oily scalps can get away with using shampoo once a week and sticking to the co-washing process the rest of the time.

The best way to start co-washing is through the use of an inexpensive drugstore conditioner. Once you have gotten used to the process, you can switch to a more potent variant. Make sure that the conditioner that you use is made from natural and organic ingredients.